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Until that day, Q was identifying himself by only signing Q (which anybody could do), he would always verify his older posts / crumbs with the QMap.

Everytime Q posted, some anon would screenshot the new posts, edit the QMap (picture) and repost it on the board, then Q would quote it to confirm it or to indicate if something was wrong / missing.

But from now on, Q could be identified by using his tripcode.

  • Q's tripcode: !ITPB.QBHQO

Most imageboards and 2channel-style discussion boards allow (and encourage) anonymous posting and use a system of tripcodes instead of registration. A tripcode is the hashed result of a password that allows one's identity to be recognized without storing any data about users. Entering a particular password will let one "sign" one's posts with the tripcode generated from that password, while trying to take another user's tripcode and compute their password from it (for instance, to make posts that appear to come from a particular person) is computationally difficult. For those who want a custom tripcode, however, there are custom tripcode generators (which are technically tripcode crackers) available, such as Meriken's Tripcode Engine[1] and MTY_CL.[2] In general, anonymity is considered to be one of the advantages of an imageboard, and some boards have from time to time removed the ability to post with a name altogether (known as "forced anonymous/anonymity").

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imageboard#Tripcodes

Tripcodes can help verify a user's identity to others, and are a type of pseudo-registration. To use a normal tripcode, place a hash mark ("#") followed by a word or short phrase after what you've entered into the [Name] field (ex. "User#password"). Upon submission, the server will generate the hash unique to that particular word or phrase. The previous example would display "User !ozOtJW9BFA" after being posted.

Important note: A tripcode is generated only using the text entered after the hash mark. Your entered name, IP address, cookie information, etc. do not affect the output. Normal tripcodes are not secure, and can be cracked with relative ease. For a more secure solution, see secure tripcodes.

SOURCE: http://www.4chan.org/faq#trip

A trip code is a code used in anonymous threads like 4chan to determine whether or not the anonymous poster is authentic or not.

It assigns a code to the end of your name.

When you add the pound (#) symbol to the end of your name followed by a word, like a password that only you know, it scrambles the word into a code. That way it's undetectable and can be used over and over again. On 4chan/8ch/infinityhchan/AnonIB, using the trip code "#banana" translates to the code shown to Anons as "!5RRtZawAKg".

SOURCE: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Trip%20Code

  • CBTS : Calm Before The Storm
  • BO : Board Owner; the administrator of the board on 8chan.
  • Baruch The Scribe : The BO of the CBTS board on 8ch.net, also know as mav[LAG] or camperman (on Discord). -He was later on called out by Q; for famefagging.

Q could not post using his tripcode anymore on the CBTS board on 8ch.net. He first gave a 24h warning so it could be fixe, but nothing was done. So, he started to post on /pol/ on 8chan.

Link on 8ch.net/pol/: https://8ch.net/pol/res/11028937.html#11043803

So Q decided to update his tripcode:

  • Old tripcode: !ITPB.QBHQO
  • New tripcode: !UW.YYE1FXO

Link on 8ch.net/pol/: https://8ch.net/pol/res/11028937.html#11045057

2 new board were created as a CBTS replacement (in case nothing would be done):

Even though the Qpol board was created first, most (and later on, all) of the anons moved on TheStorm. Q's new tripcode was whitelisted and Q could post again.

Then Q's new tripcode was whitelisted on the CBTS board. The CBTS's BO apologized for the inconveniance to Q, that Q simply replied with: safety first.


So Q decided to update his tripcode:

  • Old tripcode: !UW.YYE1FXO
  • New tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

Archive: /GreatAwakening/ Deleted posts #459 & #460

On that day, Q created a new board called /PatriotsFight/ as a replacement board for the /GreatAwakening/ one.

Q also decided to update his tripcode. It is not the first time he do it, especially when he created a new secure board.

  • Old tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ
  • New tripcode: !2jsTvXXmXs

Later the same day and also in the early morning of the following day, Q deleted a bunch of posts on the /PatriotsFight/ board.

Here are links for LIVE / Browsable backups of the deleted posts / threads:


On that day, Q posted on /Qresearch/, while he posted, in the line where he input his nickname "Q" and the tripcode, he forgot to use the # before the tripcode.

So the system didn't recognize his password (for the tripcode) as a password, but just as plaine text (like a nickname) and it was posted that way, exposing the password used for the latest tripcode.

Q #F!ghtF!ghtF!ght@WW! = Q !2jsTvXXmXs

An anon quickly noticed it, and decided to try it, to see if it would work. He posted on /Qresearch/, a lil "hey". He saw that it did work, so he posted a 2nd message quoting his 1st post, to warn Q, so Q could update to a new tripcode.

Thread -Qresearch #1682-: https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1341267.html#1342038

Then Q saw it and went to the /PatriotsFight/ board to update his tripcode.

Thread -PatriotsFight #69, #70 & #71-: https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/62.html#69

Why there? Because this board is still secure. The Board Owner account is something totally separated / different from a tripcode.

So, Q posted that he was in the process of creating a new tripcode and he confirmed it just beneath by another post (with the new tripcode.

  • Old tripcode: !2jsTvXXmXs (#F!ghtF!ghtF!ght@WW!)
  • New tripcode: !4pRcUA0lBE

Q explained himself with the post #71 which resume what I told you, the missing # while entering the password.

When this happenned, a lot of people got scared, confused or what ever by this situation. We had to try to explain on Twitter, Discord and other place how everything was fine and ok, what happened, why?, how? So, we had to show the proofs and give some explanations on how the chans works.

  • Old tripcode: !4pRcUA0lBE
  • New tripcode: !CbboFOtcZs

  • Old tripcode: !CbboFOtcZs
  • New tripcode: !A6yxsPKia.

Updated on /PatriotsFight/
!!mG7VJxZNCI08.10.18Present day
  • Old tripcode: !A6yxsPKia.
  • New tripcode: !!mG7VJxZNCI

Updated on /PatriotsFight/ after the previous one was cracked/released. Q started to use a secure tripcode instead of the basic unsecure ones.