You can join our Discord Server if you want, everyone is welcome, but keep in mind that this Discord came from the most abrasive free-thinking place on the Internet. If you are easily upset or angered / triggered, this may not be the place for you.
QCA's Discord Server - Information / Description
We are a Q research related Discord Server amongs many others (nowdays), but we (most of the community; the mods and admins) comes from the chans and have been researching Q since it all started in late October - early November 2017.

We have a really cool and nice community, a lot of very smart and creative anons / people hanging around in our text channels and / or voice channels.

Among our community, we have different roles, for what people would like to do. For example the News Team, the Meme Team, the Curators (anons who archives anything Q related) and others!

8bit, the Board Owner of the Qresearch Board and some of the Qresearch boards mods are hanging around with us! We have a team of Bots accounts that save / download every Q drops, relevants Tweets and that can do many more cool features.

We often discuss the Q drops either they were just posted or not, we discuss theories (with sauces / proofs / links), we share graphics and a lot of usefull ressources! A lot of new users joins everyday, some stay, some leave, see as you fit!

-We hope to see you around!

Q Clearance Archive's Discord Server link:

QCA's Discord Server - Graphic
Work in progress. It will be updated in due time.

Q Clearance Archive's Discord Server